turnkey website development
We provide our "Web Site Package" which includes all aspects
of creating a website on the internet. Often referred to as "TurnKey"
We design, produce and host your new web site and provide ongoing
maintenance for the length of your contract. All of the necessary
administrative procedures to register your new web site address (URL)
are also included in our service. We will research your new site name
and any alternatives you may supply, to establish if they are available
for a registered domain name on the internet. 

You may choose to start with a minil web site of ( 3-5) pages and add
new pages in stages at later dates. This will allow your site to grow
relative to your business resources
how about your existing website....does it need a facelift?
More importantly, does your web site really work? Can viewers find
exactly what they are looking for within three (3) clicks? (Navigation)
Does your site instantly convey a sense of professionalism? How quickly does
your web site load? New viewers usually will not wait more than 5 seconds
for selected information. Do the colors work well together to produce
color harmony? Is your information precise and well written?

Check out your competition - and then compare. Or contact us and we'll give you a professional, complimentary unbiased opinion.
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