do I really need a website.......and why?
If your marketing plan includes increasing the awareness of your company
and the products or services you provide, an internet presence would be a
positive addition to your marketing strategy. If your competition have web
sites, then it's definitely time to move your company in that direction.
how will a web site help my business?
Being on the internet will provide the opportunity to dramatically increase
the awareness of your company. The internet has become the fastest
growing venue in the world of communication and provides you with new opportunities to expose your company.
how do I promote my website?
There are numerous ways to create and increase the awareness of your
new web site. They include registration with major search engines, email
promotion, printing your web address on your letterhead, business card,
invoices, and product packging. Promotion is an absolute prerequsite for
web site success.
how will I know if people are actually going to my website?
As part of the service package from Creative Design Force, a report is
issued each month which gives a numeric count of the number of viewers
who have visited your website. This is important information. You can then
measure the activity level of your site and the effectiveness of your email
promotion campaign.
what makes Creative Design Force different from other web site developers?
We provide a complete service package (Turnkey)  that includes the following:
         Domain registration or redirect service for existing web site
         Research your "new" Domain Name for availability on the internet
         Design of web site
         Publishing of web site
         Hosting of web site
         Maintenance of web site
         Activity report - Monthly
(upon request)
what happens if I need to make a change? Is there a cost for this service?
The web site package from Creative Design Force incudes "Maintenance"
for your website. We know there will be small changes - new products,
number changes etc. The cost for this service is included in your Annual
Hosting Charge. All web sites on the internet incur "hosting" charges, not
unlike charges you pay for access to the internet from an ISP ( Internet
Service Provider ) such as AOL, MSN, & Earthlink.
can I start with a small web site and add on pages at a later date?
Creative Design Force actually promotes this approach for smaller
companies who are new to the internet world and have limited resources
to launch their web site.
how will visitors to my web site communicate with me?
Your site will have direct response email buttons or a page that will list all
of the communciation channels which include phone, fax and postal
information. Creative Design Force can also provide information forms
designed to solicit precise customer information which can be incorporated
directly into your web site.
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